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Who's in the Barn?

Get to know the non-humans here at Grateful Acres!

In the barn, in the fields, taking a nap or searching for snackies allow us to introduce:


Cora Rae

Grateful Acres' resident farm pup!

She arrived in spring of 2022, and has already learned how where the fun friends well as the mud! She is a farm pup through and through, learning to interact with some and has her favorites too! (The big pigs and Keeper!)


Hazel & Keeper

Grateful Acres' resident farm cats! Keeper was the last of nine foster kittens. When Ally first went to meet him, she knew right away he was a "keeper". Hazel found her way here from Leelanau, Michigan thanks to our summer intern Molly. Hazel is loving life here at Grateful Acres and has quickly adapted! These two get along like they've been best friend's forever!

Buford Duddy

Buford and Willis joined the Grateful Acres family in August of 2021. They are Kune Kune pigs from a farm in Everett, PA.


Lida Ruth

An early 2021 Christmas gift to herself, Ally rounded out and made a trio with this sweet and sassy girl. Although it took some time, her brothers do not let her out of their sight!

Willis Calvin

Being Kune Kune pigs, they have a short snout and love to spend their days laying in the sun after grazing on fresh grass.



Holy Cow! Well....steer.

Our resident cow here at Grateful Acres! Frankie is a mini Highland Dexter and will max out at about 3 1/2 feet tall! He is learning to be handled and interact with humans.

At the moment, he likes to give a small lick 'hello', but it's quite ready for all the petting. A cow tongue feels quite odd but we appreciate the affection.

Miss Coolie

Meet the queen of the farm!

Miss Coolie is a rescue thoroughbred that joined us here at Grateful Acres in 2001 and has been ruling it ever since!



Meet the John!

 Who has also already been called "Johnny","John Boy", "Johnny Boy", "Big Boy", and "Sir"

He joined us here in late April 2022. He is a sweet boy who likes to trot and canter around the pasture.

Gus and Brownie

These two are miniature donkeys came together to join the farm in the fall/winter of 2020.

Gus is feisty and loves snacks and scratches.

Brownie is s bit smaller and sometimes his brother may pick on him a bit...but little do they know that Brownie gets some extra treats!

(Brownie is Ally's favorite but don't tell the others!)


Mary, Mildred, and Mable

This trio of goats came to us in the summer of 2022. These girls are about 8 years old. They came to us having only lived outside so they do not care much to be in the barn. They are warming up and love their treats and are getting better about accepting pets and affection. Mary, Mildred, and Mable are here and loving it! Jett tends to hang out with the girls too.

The Chickens

The number of chickens at the farm has happily grown to a bit of a gang. A fair mix of breeds and some that have their own special story. The farm Silkies (currently not shown) are their own special breed!


Thelma & Louise  

These two lovely girls are beautiful Hampshire Sheep and joined Grateful Acres in October of 2021. They are sassy and playful. Never show up without treats, they insist.


Zeke is the newsest resident here at Grateful Acres. He is a heritage breed Bourban Red turkey and has found his forever home here with us! He has found his kin in the chickens and insists on hanging with them, after spending his first few days with Jett and Frankie.


Annie, Jett & Bernadette

Jett joined us after losing his friends on his farm. He is a Rouen duck. Bernadette is a beautiful Pekin duck who came to us after her partner unexpectantly passed away. Within minutes of her arrival, she and Jett became inspirable. Annie has made this pair into a trio, and now the three of them are inseparable! We love the bond that these three have formed!

The Guinea Pigs

Barn-raised guinea pigs? Yup!

A definite favorite of the younger visitors here, This band of brothers live in their own stall in the barn, and love it! They have come to us from various places and different groups but get along great! Though they like the chase, they do enjoy being held and cuddled. They have also been known to give little squeaks for some fresh snackies!


**IMPORTANT: Please Note**

Though most of our animals are loved rescues, we are not a rescue farm.

Our hearts go out to those animals in need and we truly wish we could take them all! We carefully weigh and consider all factors prior to taking in any rescues. At this time, we are focusing on acclimating our recent rescues and growing the aspects to promote Care Farming.

**Do not abandon animals at the farm**

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