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The story of the ducks of Grateful Acres is a bit of a roller coaster, that, at it's end, is a love for the ages.

Meet Jett and the Pekin who has stolen his heart, Bernadette! They will be happily wondering the farm, cozying in the sun, and swimming and spashing in any water they can find. They are currently living in a barn stall with Stella, a chicken who didn't recieve a warm welcome in the big coop, but who this happy quacking pair as welcomed without hesitation. 


Any sponsorship supports their vet care (including Ally providing the daily needs to address Bernadette's bumble foot), feed -including nutrition pellets and some treats-, and additional routine care such as shelter, and straw.


SKU: 126351351935
  • A Sponsorship is valid for one year from date of purchase.

    The option of a monthly sponsorship donation is also an option!

    A print quality certificate image of the animal sponsored will be sent to the email provided.

    Grateful Acres is a 501c3 nonprofit, this sponsorship is tax deductable.

    *Sponsorship of any animal does not indicate purchase or ownership of any animal.

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