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A Sunset Life

These two bonus guineas came and joined the trio we had here in the barn. A welcomed addition that created a bit of a boys club in stall 5 of the barn here at Grateful Acres. Caleb not only brought them to us but came regularly to help care for them and clean out the stall for all of the guinea pigs. Caleb and his Mom Maura came on a rotation to help maintain their stall, as well as Caleb getting his visitation time with his old pals.

Though Tony was born with a heart defect, his time here was immeasurable. We know that his life was filled with snuggles, snacks, and the camaraderie of this clan of pigs. What turned out to be his last few months were spent happy, full, and with constant attention.

As a Care Farm, these little piggies are a must-stop for all, but especially the younger/little humans that come to visit. Typically being the first and last stop on a farm tour, they get more attention than they ever could have if they were caged pets.

Tony was a great addition and a loss felt by all. Maura and Caleb are a special part of the Grateful Acres family and we thank them for entrusting us with their furry friends.

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