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About Me

My name is Ally Kennedy, and Grateful Acres is my dream coming true.

          After the loss of my parents and during a pandemic I found that every morning while in the barn caring for the horse, Miss Coolie, I felt  at peace. Breathing with her and having the calm wash over me was like my own kind of therapy. I also knew that I wanted to do something to honor my parents, I knew I wanted to reach out and help others who may also be struggling.

          What started with the smell of a horse's breath and four little Silkie chickens has since grown into a farm of beautiful animals and a Care Farm for the people.

          A Care Farm is a type of therapeutic experience promoting healing and mental health, through farming practices such as tending to the animals or simply walking in the garden.

          I want to  help spread positivity and joy and help people remember that we all have something to be Grateful for.

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