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Who's in the Barn?

Get to know the non-humans here at Grateful Acres!

In the barn, in the fields, taking a nap or searching for snackies allow us to introduce:


KuneKune Pigs

Buford Duddy and Willis Calvin joined the Grateful Acres family in August of 2021. They are Kune Kune pigs from a farm in Everett, PA.​ An early 2021 Christmas gift to herself, Ally rounded out and made a trio with this sweet and sassy girl, Lida Ruth. Although it took awhile, now her brothers do not let her out of their sight!​ Being Kune Kune pigs, they have a short snout and love to spend their days laying in the sun after grazing on fresh grass.

Buford, Lida & Calvin


Miniature Donkeys


These two miniature donkeys joined the farm together in the fall/winter of 2020. Gus is feisty and loves snacks and scratches. Brownie is a bit smaller and is sometimes picked on a bit by his brother but little does Gus know that Brownie gets some extra treats!
(Brownie is Ally's favorite but don't tell the others!)

Gus & Brownie

Coming Soon

The Three Little (Guinea) Pigs



Barn-raised guinea pigs? Yup!

These three little guys joined the farm shortly after Benny and have been in living in the same stall in the barn. No matter how they are when put to bed, Benny is always over by their enclosure in the morning.

Will, Oreo, & Junior


Pekin Duck

 Someone reached out to the farm a few days after Benny lost his bonded friend, a goose. Clearly scared and unsure, Benny has permanent issues with his legs and trouble walking and was not making any efforts to care for or clean himself....

But that is not the Benny you will meet.  Benny is a true demonstration of the power of heart and will. He cleans himself daily, goes for little swims, and even with bowed and weak legs, he is getting stronger and going on his own walkabouts!

Benny the Duck


Thoroughbred Horse


Meet the queen of the farm!
Miss Coolie is a rescue thoroughbred that joined us here at Grateful Acres in 2001 and has been ruling it ever since! She isn't ridden but can be seen rolling around like a big puppy! She likes her snackies, scratchies, being brushed and she certainly loves Ally the most!

Miss Coolie




The number of chickens at the farm has happily grown into their own crew.
A fair mix of breeds and some that have their own special story. For Instance, 
Greta is the oldest hen! She is a bit of a loner and likes to do things her own way. She is a hawk attack survivor!

(Yes, there is a rooster in the middle of the girls in this photo)

The Girls


Hampshire Sheep


These two lovely girls are beautiful Hampshire Sheep and joined Grateful Acres in October of 2021. They are sassy and playful. They have taken some time to warm up to the attention from humans, but know that's where the good stuff comes from. Never show up without treats, they insist.

Thelma & Louise


Resident Rooster



Meet the resident rooster here

at Grateful Acres!
He came from a family in Denton that couldn't have roosters in their neighborhood. He is perfect!!
He takes great care of his girls.

Jimmie George

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